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Health Insurance in the 
Czech Republic

PVZP offers private health insurance on a pre-paid basis to those Not Eligible for VZP public insurance.

VZP is the First and Largest Health Insurance Company in the Czech Republic that administrates Public health insurance for citizens, permanent residents and temporary guest workers who pay VZP via monthly salary deductions and social security payments. Foreigners requiring a student visa or long term visa are required to be insured exclusively by PVZP as of August 2, 2021. 

These 3 plans are accepted for foreigners in the Czech Republic

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VZP Public Health Insurance
    Foreigners residing temporarily in Czechia on a Work Permit but
 NOT their family members


VZP Private Health Insurance
 Foreign worker’s family members, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs 

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VZP Public Health Insurance
Citizens or Permanent Residents of Czechia or participating EU member states

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