VZP is the First and Largest Health Insurance company in ČR with two entirely separate Health Insurance divisions, Public and Private

Which division is the right one for me and my family?

Public Health Insurance 


Public Health Insurance covers pre-existing medial conditions and is ONLY for:

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic

  • Permanent Residents

  • Work Permit Holders but 
    NOT their Family Members. 

  • If your legal employment terminates and you wish to remain in the Czech Republic, you are Required by Law to purchase "Private" Health Insurance immediately upon Termination Date

  • Self-Employed or Živnostenský List
    of EU and US citizens

Private Health Insurance 


Private Health Insurance excludes pre-existing conditions and is for:

  • Short and Long Term Residents

  • Business Owners

  • Foreign Corporations

  • Self-Employed or Živnostenský List
    of non-EU and non-US citizens

  • Students and Teachers

  • Diplomats and Foreign Missions 

  • Retirees and Family Members of Work Permit Holders

If you purchase private insurance and later become or were previously eligible for public insurance, you will NOT receive a refund for any pre-paid premium.

Why are there separate Public and Private Health Insurance divisions in the Czech Republic?

In 1995, the Parliament of the Czech Republic enacted legislation regulating how foreigners must obtain Health Insurance in the Czech Republic and created a segregated "Private" Health Insurance regulation for covering foreigners residing in the Czech Republic.

ONLY FOREIGNERS ON A VALID WORK PERMIT, working under a legal employment contract with a company registered in the Czech Republic, may enter the "Public" Health Insurance System, which is state-subsidized. ALL OTHER FOREIGNERS, INCLUDING FAMILY MEMBERS of legal employees, MUST purchase "Private" Health Insurance.

This segregation was put in place to avoid the practice of "Medical Tourism”, which is causing a catastrophic effect on the health budgets of other Western countries who allow foreigners into their "Public" Health Insurance System, since "Public" Health Insurance covers pre-existing conditions and "Private" Health Insurance does not.

This legislation was enacted to prevent foreigners with major illnesses from coming to the Czech Republic for treatment and taking advantage of the "Public" Health Insurance System at taxpayer's expense.

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